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Here are some of the latest stories on TSG and our clients.

TSG helps pass the renewal of levy to provide health care for low income families (4/3/13)

KC voters strongly back tax renewal for health care - Lynn Horsley, Kansas City Star, April 3, 2013

"Obamacare may hold out hope of insuring millions more Americans, but Kansas City voters decided Tuesday that was a promise they couldn't quite trust. Instead they overwhelmingly put their trust, by a 76 percent to 24 percent margin, in the nine-year renewal of a local property tax to ensure health care access for people who may remain uninsured or underinsured despite the new federal health care law. The tax was first approved in 2005, but it failed north of the Missouri River at that time, and succeeded only with big support south of the river. This time, it passed decisively both north and south of the Missouri River..." Read More


TSG Client Elizabeth Colbert Busch up two points in latest poll for South Carolina's first district (3/26/13)

"Republican Mark Sanford and Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch are running neck and neck in the special election to fill the House seat vacated by recently appointed Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), according to the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling.

Among likely voters in South Carolina's 1st Congressional District, Sanford, the former governor, would win 45 percent, and Colbert Busch, a Clemson University official and the sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, would win 47 percent." Huffington Post (3/26/13)


TSG Keeps members informed during teachers strike (9/18/12)

During the week-long strike by the Chicago Teachers Union, thousands of support staff were left in the dark about their own employment during the negotiations. TSG conducted tele-townhalls in both English & Spanish for SEIU member janitors and cafeteria workers affected by the strike by CTU. The tele-townhalls were were invaluable in keeping SEIU members current on the labor situation, giving them an opportunity to ask questions and as well for Union leadership to get instant feedback from the membership.

Elizabeth Esty Upsets Donovan to Win 5th District Congress Nod (8/15/12)

Elizabeth Esty upset Connecticut Speaker of the House Chris Donovan to win the Democratic primary for Connecticut's 5th District Congress seat Tuesday night. It was a stunning defeat for Donovan, once considered a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination and a favorite in the general election. Esty will face Republican Andrew Roraback, who defeated Lisa Wilson-Foley in the Republican Primary. "People are looking for common sense approaches that are not based on ideology," she said. "They don't care what the letter is after the name on the ballot." Esty's victory is also a victory for Emily's List, which supports female pro-choice Democrats running for Congress.