live calling

With The Sexton Group, your voters or members get to speak with a real person calling on behalf of your campaign or organization that seamlessly blends with your existing operations.

The Sexton Group can implement live programs at a moment’s notice.  We are available 24/7 to meet your needs.  We also offer off-site monitoring of our live calling programs so you can listen to our callers.

innovative reporting and 24/7 access

All of our clients receive a customized report of their calls and have their own online dashboard to view and share reports and download data.  Reports are run overnight on a daily basis. We will supply you with logins and passwords, so you will have your own dashboard to view and share your reports, as well as download data.

extensive live call capacity

TSG has exclusive agreements with 22 call centers nationally with over 3,000 dialing stations. We can deliver in excess of 2 million live calls per day and over 4 million automated calls per day.  Our retention rate for call center staff is one of the highest in the industry. 

language and accent variations

TSG offers bilingual call centers with the ability to translate scripts from English to Spanish.  We also offer callers in Vietnamese, Hindi and Farsi. The centers are strategically located, to handle any regional variation such as accents (you don’t want a call center in New York calling people in Alabama).  Several centers also have bilingual callers, using both the Castilian and Latino Spanish dialects.


Patch through campaigns

The most straightforward use of paid communication in an advocacy campaign is patch-through phone calls. This is when a paid phone bank calls residents in an undecided legislator’s district, persuades residents to speak to the policymaker in favor of the campaign’s policy, and immediately connects them to their legislator’s office where they typically either talk to a staff member or leave a voice message. We conduct patch through advocacy programs in several ways: live operator patch, automated calling,  text 2 patch and social media/click to call.     

  • Political Campaigns: Contact voters and connect them to their legislator’s office to show their support or opposition on issues that matter to them.
  • Unions or Associations: After your union or association had adopted a policy position on an issue, connect your members to their legislator’s office to show their support or opposition on issues that matter to them.


gotv calls

Identifying your voters is only one step, you need to get them to the polls. Our live call operators and our extensive political experience means that our GOTV efforts and results are unequaled. TSG uses political experience, state-of-the-art technology and accent matching to turn your voters out on election day.   

• Political Campaigns: Once you have identified your voters remind them to cast their ballots on election day.

•Unions or Associations: Get your members out to the polls and encourage them to bring other members with them.

persuasion calls

Calls featuring a well-written advocacy message that specifically asks potential voters for a commitment to your candidate have proven effective in motivating undecided voters as well as those who are not regular voters.   

  • Political Campaigns: Move undecided voters to support your candidate.
  • Unions or Associations: Reach out to undecided members and help persuade them to support your endorsed candidates.


voter identification calls

Find out what issues are important to any one voter – and most importantly if they support your campaign.  The Sexton Group will track exactly how many calls have been made and give you feedback that can help you discern which voters need to be reached again.  

  • Political Campaigns: Find out what matters most to your voter so you can target issue-based communication.
  • Unions or Associations: Identify which members are supporting your endorsed candidate and find out what matters most to them.
early voting calls

Get your supporters to the polls early.  Early voting telephone voter contact programs run similar to election day programs, with a Voter ID component, followed by persuasion to undecided voters and GOTV to supporters. When supporters are identified, we provide information on early voting locations, hours and days they can early vote.  


  • Political Campaigns: Get voters to the polls early and narrow your targets for GOTV for election day.
  • Unions or Associations: Mobilize your members to get them to the polls during early voting to ensure they are able to vote.
vote by mail reminder calls
In states with Vote By Mail (VBM),  our callers confirm the voter has actually received the ballot in the mail and make sure they plan to fill it out and return it. Similarly, we want to work closely with the staff on the ground to remove voters who have returned their ballots, to avoid duplicating our efforts. In 2017, we were fortunate to work on dozens of local and federal special elections. We found positive results when we incorporated a texting component to both VBM and Early Vote programs.

  • Political Campaigns: Contact voters who have requested VMB and make sure they have received their ballot and mailed it in.
  • Unions or Associations: Contact members who have requested VMB and make sure they have received their ballot and mailed it in.
event invitations

Invite voters, members or constituents to rallies, voter mobilization efforts or association or community gatherings.  Automated phone invitations are quicker, more convenient than traditional event invitations.

  • Political Campaigns: Invite voters to rallies and events with the candidate.
  • Unions or Associations: Invite your members to events or encourage them to attend campaign events.
  • Non-profits: Send out automated reminders to fundraising events or forums.
  • Government: Send out invitations to community events, festivals, or open forums for your elected officials.
member or constituent surveys

Read the pulse of your community quickly and efficently.  Help everyone have their voices be heard.

  • Political: Poll your supporters on current issues of interest.
  • Union or Association: Reach out to members for automated votes.
  • Non-profit: Share new ideas for your non-profit and gain real timefeedback from your membership.
  • Government: Engage residents in community planning or government spending.



Raise funds for your non-profit, union, association or campaign in the most cost-effective way possible.

  • Political: Invite supporters to local fundraisers
  • Union or Association: Remind members of fundraisers or special income-generating opportunities.
  • Non-profit: Invite members to fundraising events or remind them of annual giving requests.