telephone town halls

The Sexton Group can bring your message and messengers to where people are most: their phone.  TSG provides real time interactive telephone town halls with your voters, your constituents, or your members. 

Real-Time virtual town halls allow your office to reach thousands of people quickly and effectively.  This can be utilized by campaigns to discuss policy issues or associations and elected officials to hold public meetings or briefings.


how it works

TSG’s phone system will invite your participants via a pre-call invite or via facebook. On the day of the call, TSG will again call your list of phone numbers and give your audience a pre-recorded greeting inviting them to join the call.

Once they join the call, they are able to ask the speaker live (or screened) questions and respond to your pre-determined survey questions using their phones.

After your town hall meeting, The Sexton Group will provide you with their analysis via a post town hall conference call with your team. TSG will also send you a detailed report and a digital recording of the meeting. Your report will include statistics on all participants.

case study

Our work doesn’t stop once our candidates win elected office, we continue to help leaders communicate with constituents.

Through telephone town halls we help leaders engage in dialogue with constituents.

 In Chicago’s 45th Ward we helped Alderman John Arena create a forum with his constituents on a development issue with a lot of passion on both sides. We hosted a call with the Alderman and the Developer on the project in question. Constituents were able to interact in real time, ask questions, express concerns and we could even do some live IVR “polling” on how those on the call felt about certain issues.

 Typically, we schedule-townhalls for an hour, but the discussion this particular call created was so important to the Alderman, we went a full 90 minutes. Even with this extended call, we could not get to everyone’s question, we give them an opportunity to leave a voice memo after the call and then the Alderman and his staff can follow up.