text messaging/mms

Your opponents are on your voters and members phones…why aren’t you?

Texting is a simple, effective and affordable way for your organization to reach people. Text messages have a high open rate, often within as quick as 30 minutes of sending.

We have seen this cycle that texts can be an extremely effective way to reach voters. These messages range from a simple digital palm card to sending a video of a someone endorsing our candidate.

The Sexton Group offers your campaign to provide real time communications to your voters, your members or your constituents in the place they look at the most…their phone.   TSG has the largest peer to peer text messaging platform in the industry.

up to 6 million texts a day

The Sexton Group has the largest Peer to Peer Text Messaging Platform in the Industry.  With our capacity, we can send out 6,000,000 peer-to-peer texts in a single day.  Text messages have a high open rate, often within as quick as 30 minutes of sending.


The Sexton Group: not your typical texts

We offer the most robust peer-to-peer texting platform that allows your campaign to capture responses and engage voters, members, and constituents

TSG offers more than traditional text messages for your target audience.  We can deliver graphic texts, such as digital palm cards or videos that are smartphone ready. As millennials become a more important audience, the most effective way to reach them is on their cell phone. 

Text 2 Call programs are another tool we can integrate into your grassroots efforts. We can text a message, along with the phone number of an elected official, to apply pressure around the hot issue of the legislative session.


Allof our clients receive a customized report of their calls and have their own online dashboard to view and share reports and download data.  Reports are run overnight on a daily basis. We will supply you with logins and passwords, so you will have your own dashboard to view and share your reports, as well as download data.

basic texts

Connect with your base quickly and easily through texts.

  • Political Campaigns: Recruit volunteers or invite supporters to rallies or events.  Use text messaging to persuade undecided voters.  Remind supporters of election day hours and locations.
  • Unions or Associations: Send out strike notices.  Recruit members for volunteer activities or invite supporters to rallies or events.  Announce your endorsed candidates.
  • Non-profits: Send out fundraising texts or invite members or donors to upcoming events.
  • Government: Community quickly with your public safety teams.  Send out urgent community alerts such as road closures or public safety events.  Invite constituents to community meetings.
patch through texts

Connect your members or voters to their elected representatives on issues that matter the most. 

  • Political: Show support or opposition to important legislative issues.
  • Union or Association: Mobilize your members to oppose or support legislation that benefits or could harm your membership.
digital palm cards and image texts

In 2018 we started to roll out graphic texting in many of our DCCC races. We have seen this cycle that texts can be an extremely effective way to reach voters. These messages range from a simple digital palm card to sending a video of a someone endorsing our candidate. 

In this example for Commissioner Jung we conducted a very straightforward GOTV text program, just sending her logo with a reminder that polls are open to 7pm. We heard back from the folks on the ground that the candidate had been out greeting people at the polls and had had several people come up to her and tell her they’d gotten her text, and that was why they were out at the polls! 

Sample: Kitty Jung for Commissioner  

  • Political Campaigns: Send a digital palm card and reduce printing costs.  Invite voters to events.  Remind voters to get to the polls on election day.
  • Unions or Associations: Send a digital palm card of your endorsed candidates.  Invite members to upcoming rallies or meetings.  Mobilize your base for election day.
  • Non-profits: Send out fundraising invitations or remind donors of upcoming events.
  • Government: Send out community announcements such as images of public space improvements or invite residents to upcoming community events.
video texts

Take your texts to the next level with video text messages.

Sample: Gabby Gifford’s Primary endorsement video text

  • Political Campaigns: Use high profile elected officials or your candidate to persuade voters to support your candidate.
  • Unions or Associations: Use your national leadership or high profile elected officials to persuade voters to support your endorsed candidates.  Send important video messages such as strike notices
  • Non-profits:  Elevate your fundraising efforts through video texts from your leadership or prominent community members asking for support.
  • Government: Community directly with your constituents about legislation, community news or urgent alerts.
Live Text

Taking your texting campaign to the next level, Live Text offers person-to-person texting.  Our texting center employs hundreds of team members that send custom text messages and can reply to responses in real time with pre-written dialogue.  They can share links, push additional information, launch calls for action or confirm event attendance.

  • Political Campaigns: Recruit campaign volunteers for GOTV.  Identify or persuade voters.  Share calls to action to mobilize your base.
  • Unions or Associations: Take informal votes on issues of importance.  Confirm event attendance.  Mobilize your base for your endorsed candidates.
  • Non-profits:  Elevate your fundraising efforts.  Confirm event attendance.
  • Government: Take informal surveys of your constituents.  Organize and confirm attendance for community-wide events.