During the months of COVID restrictions and social distancing, campaigns and nonprofits had to adapt and evolve through unprecedented times. One of those ways was by putting a greater emphasis on phones, enabling voters to continue playing a critical role in the political process.

The Sexton Group adapted to this new environment by adapting tools that have long been key to our service model, including our Patch-Thru program.

Last February, we partnered with a coalition of environmental and conservation organizations and Big I Strategies for a unique kind of project. SB 9 – Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund – was a historic investment that would establish the state’s first dedicated funding source for conservation, agriculture and outdoor recreation programs.

While the bill had bipartisan support, it also needed to move through the legislature in order to arrive at the Governor’s desk. In conjunction with on-the-ground partners in New Mexico, The Sexton Group began an extensive patch-thru campaign, connecting voters to their respective state Senators, state House members and the Governor’s office. Each targeted elected member’s office received on average five phone calls every weekday from real voters, expressing their support for the legislation and asking legislators to support the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund.

All in all, nearly 3,000 patch-thru calls were made to elected officials across New Mexico, generating the votes required to move the bill past the goal line and onto the Governor’s desk. This bill ensures that despite the ever-present effects of climate change, New Mexico is ready to protect its water, resources and natural beauty for generations to come.

Patch-thru calls are a great way to get your voters talking with elected representatives to garner their support for bills that help working families everywhere. Send us an email at info@thesextongroup.net and join the winning team today!

By Published On: May 15, 2023

About the Author: Will Saenz

Project and Social Media Manager at TSG