As the field of political texting continues to grow and evolve, so does the need to ensure that voters are protected from spammers and disingenuous messengers. This is why 10DLC registration is crucial to our business and your campaign.

Registering with 10DLC is now a requirement across the board for campaigns, clients and vendors alike. It is how carriers and regulators—when seeing your text—know that the message is pre-approved and not spam.

Getting 10DLC-registered takes time, and The Sexton Group will assist you step-by-step, but there are important benefits:

  • 10DLC ensures that your campaign sees the highest possible delivery rates…no more projects where 15% of your texts don’t deliver because a major phone carrier didn’t approve.
  • Risk of red flags or litigators reduces to nearly zero.
  • 10DLC allows you to use photos and videos in your text!
  • One and done: once you’re registered, you’re set for the duration of your campaign cycle.

If you’ve registered 10DLC with us this year, we will check its status for you. If you haven’t signed up yet, shoot us an email today and we’ll get the process rolling so your team can win big this fall.

By Published On: July 24, 2023