Every political talk and text firm in the country agrees on one thing: 10DLC registration can be a pain, mostly because it takes time. But it does guarantee that your campaign texts will no longer be flagged as spam, you can include high quality graphics or videos, and your completion rates will be at their very highest thanks to this verification system recognized by major phone carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile.

Carriers are no longer accepting non-verified political texts to be sent to their customers. If you want to text voters with your winning message before November 7th, you need to start the 10DLC registration process ASAP! Send us a message to help get you started.

In addition, The Sexton Group is proudly expanding its capacity to get your message to the people who need it most. Need a graphic or logo to go with your text? No problem. We are partnering with longtime friend of the firm Soka Sands Creative to provide high-quality graphic designs upon request for texting projects, at no additional cost.

The 2022 election cycle saw us implementing their designs for the first time for our clients, and we are excited to expand this opportunity to everyone collaborating with The Sexton Group.

Whether it’s getting your texts 10DLC-verified or having them feature high-quality designs, The Sexton Group is the go-to DVC firm for Democrats, nonprofits and labor unions. Send us a message today and let’s get to work on behalf of your campaign or cause.

By Published On: October 16, 2023

About the Author: Will Saenz

Project and Social Media Manager at TSG