Who said that off-year election cycles were boring? 

When the difference between a Democrat and a MAGA supporter controlling your town’s leadership is only 47 votes, every chance to speak with voters is crucial. This is why we are proud to have successfully gotten over 80 candidates across the country over the finish line last week, plus several runoffs in the coming weeks.

Our talk and text programs helped squeak out victories for candidates in battleground municipal races, as well as helping to protect/expand Democratic control in state legislatures such as New Jersey, New York and Virginia.

In addition, our longstanding working partnerships with labor helped to achieve major wins for hospital workers in Illinois in their fight for better conditions and staffing.

Lastly, TSG president Jaimey Sexton was listed as one of the 2023 Political Consultants Power 100 according to City and State New York.

You can see below for a full list of our winning clients from last week. With the 2024 election cycle already upon us, the time is NOW to invest in your next direct voter contact program!

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TSG winning clients, Fall 2023


Travis Hendrix – HD 55

Steve Reed – Montgomery Mayor


Regina Romero – Tucson Mayor (via Independent Expenditure)


Michele Applegate – Jefferson County School Board

Erin Kenworthy – Jefferson County School Board


Steve Losner – Mayor of Homestead

Joe Magazine – Miami Beach Commissioner

Sabina Cobo – City of Miami Commissioner


Ken Zeff – Atlanta Public Schools Board, District 3

Michael Diaz – Brookhaven Council District 1 (runoff)

Lauren Kiefer – Brookhaven Mayor (runoff)


Diana Reed – Valparaiso City Council

Bill Stuart – Fishers City Council

Deb Whitfield – first Black Mayor in Marion County

Amy Blaker – Winfield Town Council

Nick Roberts – Indianapolis City Council

Brienne Delaney – Indianapolis City Council

Joe Hogsett – Indianapolis Mayor


Mandie Landry – HD 91


Denise Simmons – Cambridge City Council


Michael Fournier – Royal Oak Mayor

New Jersey

John Burzichelli – SD 3

Dave Bailey – AD 3

Heather Simmons – AD 3

Paul Moriarty – SD 4

Dan Hutchinson – AD 4

Cody Miller – AD 4

Andrea Katz – AD 8

Vin Gopal – SD 11

Margie Donlon – AD 11

Luanne Peterpaul – AD 11

Linda Greenstein – SD 14

Wayne DeAngelo – AD 14

Tennille McCoy – AD 14

Roy Freiman – AD 16

Mitchelle Drulis – AD 16

Andrew Zwicker – SD 18

Joseph F. Vitale – SD 19

Craig C. Coughlin – AD 19

Yvonne Lopez – AD 19

Joe Lagana – SD 38

Lisa Swain – AD 38

Chris Tully – AD 38

Jeffrey J. Lahullier – East Rutherford Mayor

Jesse L. De Rosa – East Rutherford City Council

Edward C. Ravettine – East Rutherford City Council

Janice Mironov – East Windsor Mayor

Jeff Martin – Hamilton Mayor

Charles Tomaro – Middlesex County Commissioner

Leslie Koppel – Middlesex County Commissioner

Stephen Dalina – Monroe Mayor

Miriam Cohen – Monroe Town Board

Terence Van Dzura – Monroe Town Board

Marie D. Lawrence – Winslow Township Mayor

Evelyn Everett – Winslow Township Committee

Jacquelyn Lee – Winslow Township Committee

New York

Brian Nowak – Cheektowaga Town Supervisor

Jerry Kaminski – Cheektowaga Town Council

Rick Rusiniak – Cheektowaga Highway Superintendent

Timothy Meyers – Erie County Legislator

Adam Bello – Monroe County Executive

Keith Powers – NYC Council District 4

Gale Brewer – NYC Council District 6

Linda Lee – NYC Council District 23

Shekar Krishnan – NYC Council District 25

Justin Brannan – NYC Council, District 43

Rebecca Sanin – Suffolk County Legislator

Marty Nave – Syracuse Common Council

North Carolina

Matt Hughes – Hillsborough Commissioner

Evelyn Lloyd – Hillsborough Commissioner

Meagan Darab – Hillsborough Commissioner


Lamont Bagby – SD 14

Creigh Deeds – SD 11

Destiny LeVere Bolling – HD 80

L. Louise Lucas – SD 18

Roslyn Tyler – Sussex County School Board

Schuyler VanValkenburg – SD 16

Angelia Williams Graves – SD 21

By Published On: November 17, 2023